The 10th Annual Noir City X finishes with a Bang

The 10th Annual Noir City X finishes with a Bang

Castro Theater pulls off another Noir festival

Noir City X at the Castro Theater has been in full swing. They have been airing two Noir classics each day and were even graced on the 21st by a visit with Angie Dickinson. Tomorrow is the last day of the  10th Annual Noir Festival, to end the Noir X Festival, they have prepared the biggest event yet, packed with 6 classic noir films.

The final night will include “Roadhouse Nights”. This film is certain to be a treat as it isn’t available on DVD and therefore could be the only chance that many have to view this classic film. This is a Hobert Henley film and packed with an all-star cast of its time.

The second film to play is the famous, original “Maltese Falcon”. This classic is said to be "a sexier version" than the later 1941 remake. It almost makes you want to compare the two side by side to see just exactly how much sexiness Hollywood shaved off. Castro Theater must have had the same thought since they are airing the 1941 Maltese Falcon as their final showing.

Other films that are being aired which also are unavailable on DVD include City Streets, MR. Dynamite and The Glass Key. The final lineup of Noir City X is an excellent and rare viewing opportunity. Film Noir fans will not want to miss this great night. To fully pack in the fun and really get in the mood, Fans can show up tonight for The Noir City Nightclub, which by the way is a "fundraiser that will be giving proceeds to the Film Noir Foundation". I sadly will not be able to attend tonight or tomorrow, if you get the chance, tell me all about it so I can envy your great experience.